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Firefox Add-on Replacement

For years now, I have been highlighting the best Firefox add-ons out there for you all to check out and use, if needed.  However, not often do I go that extra mile to help you replace an add-on that I don’t think is that handy to have.  Amazingly enough, ImTranslator is an add-on that have enjoyed a lot of popularity (3,875,310 downloads to be exact) however I think there is a better solution out there, that doesn’t even need an add-on for Firefox to be used.

Do You Really Want to Use This?One of the reasons I do not like ImTranslator is it looks junky.  It is riddled with advertisements, such I understand is great for when it comes to making money – however, I don’t think they serve a purpose inside of a Firefox add-on. Now, let us move on to what I think you should use instead.

What Replaces ImTranslator?

Just bookmark the Google Translate web site.  I have been using Google Translate for many years to help translate text and it has never let me down.  While the translations are not perfect (no translation tool ever is) it does the closest job, from what I have seen.  To use it, all you have to do is copy and paste the text you wish to translate, select what language it is in, what language you want to translate to, and then hit the button labeled, “Translate”.

Simple, Clean and Easy to Read Interface

By using Google Translate instead of ImTranslator, you not only save clutter from your Firefox add-on installs, but you also gain access to one of the best free translation tools out there today. Using the tools they provide, you can also get a bookmarklet that does a one-click translation of any web site into the language you wish to read.

So, let me know what you think.  Is Google Translate a suitable replacement for ImTranslator or do you think ImTranslator is still a better translating solution?

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