External Text Editing in Firefox


Filed under, “not sure if I need it – but thanks, just in case” we have Texto.  This add-on for Firefox will allow you to launch an external text editor to edit text forms in Firefox. 

Here is a little more about the add-on from the Texto developer:

This add-on strips out much of the Mozex functionality to focus on launching external text editors. Features the ability to customize editor behavior for different websites, and uses the asynchronous process support in Firefox 3.6 to update textareas automatically when the external editor is finished, without polling.

Troubleshooting Tips for Windows Users

Seems as if version 3.0.1 of this add-on has some problems with Windows 7 and Windows Vista (possibly) so there is your official word of warning.  If you have any trouble, try the beta release of the newest version here (scroll down for the “Install beta version” link).

Overall though, I have to say this is a pretty neat function for those who might need it.  You can pick up the Texto add-on for Firefox on the Firefox Add-ons web site.

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