Archive Your Reusable Text for Later

Save text to be pasted later again and again!  Do you find yourself typing the same snipits of information over and over again?  Maybe it is a form you need people to answer, or perhaps it is just your e-mail signature.  With Clippings, an extension for Firefox, you can quickly archive all your most used blocks of text to be used anytime.

Once you have this add-on installed, you can save frequently entered text for later really easily.  All it takes is two mouse clicks and your text is there.  Just right-click in the textarea, select clippings and then select the name for the text you wish to paste in.

Some of the features also include:

  • Create clippings from selected text in a form field or Web page body (Firefox), or from selected text in an email or newsgroup message (Thunderbird)
  • Create clippings by dragging and dropping text into the Clippings icon on the status bar
  • Paste clippings into form fields (Firefox) or new email or newsgroup messages (Thunderbird) from the Clippings context menu. Individual clippings can be pasted as rich text if they contain HTML tags.
  • Assign shortcut keys to clippings for quicker pasting
  • Define placeholders inside a clipping that you will be prompted to fill in when you paste the clipping. Built-in placeholders for the date, time, clipping name, user agent, etc. are also available.
  • Organize your collection of clippings into folders using Clippings Manager
  • Import and export clippings to or from datasource files to share with other users

This is a great extension for Firefox if you find yourself typing the same things in over and over again.  It can really help save a lot of time.  You can pick Clippings up at the Firefox Add-ons web site.

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