Add a Simple Timer to the Browser

Firefox Alarm Is it time yet?

Come on, is it time yet?

If you find yourself asking this question time and time again, it might be about time you picked up the Simpler Timer add-on for Firefox.  This clock and timer, once installed, lives inside your status bar (or toolbar) for easy access.

The built in timer mode has three different functions:

1. Count up from zero.
2. Count down from any time (less than 24 hours). You can set as many
timers as you want.
3. Select a specific time of the day to receive a notification. You can also
specify the day (daily, weekdays, weekends or a specific day).
You can set as many notifications as you want.

The Simple Timer add-on also features a clock mode, that will amazingly enough tell you the time. 

You can pick up this amazing little Firefox add-on from the Firefox Add-ons web site.

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