All of in One Button

Access Amazon with the Touch of a Button! is the Web’s version of Walmart.  Almost everything you could need is there, and they make it so simple to shop there and the prices so low, you cannot help but come back again and again for more.  If you find yourself turning to Amazon every time you order something online, then you might want to check out the Amazon Button add-on for Firefox.

The Directory of Amazon Goodness

With this extension installed, you can easily navigate through the most popular destinations on Amazon’s web site.  The default drop down menu selection is huge, because it lists every category Amazon covers for your shopping needs.   Users can add up to three custom menu items too.

Context Search and Customization

Once the Amazon Button is up and running in your Firefox browser, you can highlight any text, right-click and search for it.  You can also customize the destination for the main button itself. If you have a favorite page you would like to have quick and easy access to, this would be the place to point to it.

While there is an Amazon toolbar you can use too, I like the button because it provides all the same great tools with less of the clutter.  This is a must have add-on for Firefox if you are an Amazon shop-a-holic.

You can pick up the Amazon Button from the Firefox Add-ons web site.

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