Essential Firefox Add-ons for Google Reader

My RSS feed reading application of choice is Google Reader.  I have been using it for several years now, and it has never let me down.  Now, that is not to say it could not be improved though.  Here are a few ways you can make your RSS feed reading in Google Reader even better.

Instant Google Reader Updates

The Google Reader Watcher add-on is handy to have, because it will check your Google Reader for unread new posts.  You can use this to keep track of how many stories you have yet to read.  Checking Google Reader with this add-on is much more practical than visiting the Google Reader web site several times a day, for those RSS feed addicts out there like me.

Next, I would have to say the Better GReader add-on for Firefox is fantastic for Google Reader fans.

Better GReader in Action

This add-on for Firefox bundles several great Greasemonkey user scripts into one extension.  Better GReader adds useful extra features to Google Reader, like feed favicons, inline article previews, and unread counts in your browser tab.

Google Reader in Gmail Want to integrate Google Reader into the Gmail inbox?  If so, check out the Integrated Gmail add-on for Firefox.  It gives you Gmail, Google Calander, Googler Reader, and more all from within your Gmail account.  The most recent revision added:

  • Significant Performance Boosts and Reduced Resource Dependence
  • (Beta) Google Wave Support
  • Native Google Tasks Support
  • Schedule Once Meeting Scheduler Integration
  • Support for Firefox 3.6

Last but not least, we have Google Redesigned.

Change Google Reader's Style!

Tired of how Google Reader looks?  Want to give it a massive redesign?  This add-on for Firefox gives you a complete redesign of all Google’s most popular services (including Google Reader).

Now, let me know your favorite Firefox extension to use in conjunction with Google Reader.  Is it one of these I mentioned, or do you have another favorite I have yet to check out?  Let me know in the comments.

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