Stay Away from Brand Thunder Firefox Themes

I got a warning for all my Firefox loving followers out there, stay away from any Firefox themes that claim to be, “interactive” or have been developed by BrandThunder.

What is so bad about BrandThunder themes?

Have you noticed some of the new themes for Firefox are being called, interactive?  This puzzled me for some time, as I was curious as to what they meant by this.  So, since most of these themes came from the developer, BrandThunder – I tried out the Puppies theme they developed.

Anybody notice anything a little weird, different or ugly?

 What is all this stuff?

Looks like by interactive, they mean we sneak a lot of extra stuff into your browser.

Why did my default search engine change to Bing?Doing this without permission, not cool.

Who do I have a second search box?Now I have two ways to search right from my browser toolbar – wasn’t hijacking my default search enough?

What is that gear in the corner?This seems to be the theme’s settings options, where you can get more things just from BrandThunder, to junk up up your Firefox install.

Listen, everybody deserves to try something unique with theme development, but this is a mess.  It hijacks my browser every which way but loose. 

How to Uninstall BrandThunder Themes

So, the next question is, “How do you uninstall this theme?”.  Go to Tools > Add-ons and then go to themes…

Where is the BrandThunder Theme?

What, they didn’t put a theme in the themes menu?  Oh this BrandThunder theme is so annoying.  You can find it under the “Extensions” menu under Tools > Add-ons. 

Is it gone? Grr… not yet!  After uninstalling, it comes up with a survey asking you to tell them about your experience.  Rather than that, I thought I would express my views here.

You sure you want to uninstall?

Now, you are finally don with this mess of a Firefox theme add-on. 

Final Thoughts About BrandThunder Themes

In my opinion, every Firefox user should stay far away from these themes.  They hijack portions of your browser, and insert services you may or may not want.  There are many more great themes worth trying out – and they won’t try to trick you into installing more than you bargained for.

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