Firefox is at 30 Percent Market Share

Firefox Usage Report

According to a recent Mozilla analyst report for the first quarter of 2010, Firefox is in control of 30% of the world’s internet browser landscape. How was this number reached?  They combined several reliable sources, such as StatCounter, Quantcast, Net Applications, and Gemius.  The only continent not highlighted was Antarctica, due to usage number for Firefox being somewhere in the 80s.

Here are a few more interesting facts found in this report:

  • Firefox adoption is growing by leaps and bounds in Russia
  • People start their day latest in New York, and earliest in Hawaii and Wyoming
  • Personas are most popular in South America
  • Averaging population to add-on downloads, Antarctica wins!  With a total population of around 1,000, there were 538 add-on downloads.

You can download the PDF yourself to check out the statistics, or check out the summary write up done at

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