Add Sticky Notes to Any Web Site

Add Sticky Notes to Firefox Adding virtual sticky notes can be really useful when it comes to browsing the Web.  You could make notes about things you wanted to remember about a specific article – or use the them to note updates or changes you’d like to make to your own web sites.  Xsticky for Firefox is a good add-on to go with if you want to add the sticky note ability to your browser.

Once installed, you can use Xsticky create simple sticky notes on every web site you visit.  Some of the features included are:

  • unlimited amount of sticky notes on every web page
  • the ability to minimize sticky notes
  • set color, font size and transparency of the sticky notes
  • create user-defined sizes and positions for the sticky notes

With over 16,000 downloads – this seems to be a sticky note add-on for Firefox that almost everybody enjoys.

Learn more about the Xsticky add-on for Firefox at or download it for yourself on the Firefox add-ons web site.

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