Rescue Your Productivity with Firefox

how distracted are you?

Want to be able to track your productivity?

RescueTime, an add-on for Firefox will give you tons of analytical data on how, when and why you browse so you can do exactly that.

Once installed, the RescueTime add-on starts tracking what you do, but in a good way.  It gathers information on how you work, so you can see what percentage of your time is wasteful.  You can then compare your browsing efficiency with the rest of the world and dig in with the detailed stats browsing at your fingertips.

Need a break? It automatically stops measuring if your mouse and keyboard aren’t used for 2 minutes or more. It also allows you to manually stop measuring via a “pause” button.

Here is a little more about that add-on from the developers:

RescueTime’s worldwide user base has helped assigned productivity scores to tens of millions of sites. You can use our “detailed stats” controls to customize the scores to how you work. For example, if you’re a developer at Facebook, you might want to adjust Facebook’s score (which defaults to pretty low!).

So in all, you see your total Firefox time, what percentage of your browsing is “productive” and how your browsing productivity compares with the rest of the world.  The built in tweeting feature will also let you share how productive you’ve been (or not so productive you’ve been) with your Twitter followers.

Get Your Time Back

We all try to be productive during our work days (well, except for that last hour where all you feel like doing is checking your e-mail over and over) and RescueTime is an add-on that should help with measuring how productive you really are.  You can pick it up at the Firefox Add-ons web site, or learn more about it at

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