Add Screen Capture Capabilities to Firefox

Use Firefox to Capture Video

Are you in need of a screen recording device but don’t want to bother installing a bunch of extra applications or services just to get the job done?  Capture Fox is the add-on for Firefox you need to pick up.

Here you can see what the videos look like after recording:

Once installed, the browser add-on rests inside of your status bar, ready to record when you are.  You can select to record just what is inside the Firefox browser or your entire screen too.

Capture Fox in the Firefox Status Bar

Some of the other abilities of Capture Fox include:

  • Record a voice over while you do the screen capture
  • Tweak the Audio and Video Codec
  • Set the Delay in Recording
  • Minimize Firefox Upon Recording
  • and much more!

If you are searching for an easier way to capture video from your computer’s desktop, this add-on is the perfect tool for the job.  Go learn more about it at or download Capture Fox from the Firefox Add-ons web site.

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