Metal3D – Dark, Wooden and Classy Firefox Theme

Best Wood Theme Ever?

Looking for a theme that is new, stylish and one of a kind?  This type a theme comes too few an far between these days.  So with that said, let us all enjoy the Metal 3D theme.

These days, a lot of the new Firefox themes coming out are not that pretty, or are not really reinventing the wheel when it comes to innovation.  The Metal 3D theme for Firefox is different though.  I really like the dark (but not black) background, and the brown in the navigation toolbar just looks, “classy” to me.

So how do you feel about it?  Are you in love with the Metal 3D theme, or have you seen better?  I think it is a winner, and you can pick it up for yourself on the Firefox Add-ons web site (Windows-only for now).

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