Measure the Text to Code Ratio

How does your page score? 

Many web designers and search engine optimizers will tell you that it is important to keep a high text to code ratio when developing a web site.  I have just stumbled upon an add-on that will help you do that very task.  The Text to Code Ratio add-on will provide you a simple percentage based score at the bottom of your Firefox browsing window to tell you what your text to code ratio is.

Here is a little more about this Firefox add-on from the developer:

This add-on can be used to determine the text to code ratio of any given page. It will automatically fire when you select a new tab, although this option can be disabled and will also run when clicked. On hovering of the status bar text for the add-on it will bring up further information about the text to code ratio on the page as well as specific error information if a page cannot be checked for whatever reason.

As mentioned before, this will help you determine when or if you need to increase the ammount of text on a page, or maybe cut back on some of the web site code you have been using.

You can pick up the Text to Code Ratio add-on for free on the Firefox Add-ons web site.

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