How to Duplicate a Tab

Copy That Tab!

Need to duplicate a tab in Firefox, so you can have the same content loaded up in two Firefox windows?  Not sure, you could just copy and paste the URL into both browsers – but who has the time?  I have an easier solution to fix this problem.

The answer is the Duplicate This Tab add-on for Firefox.  With this extension installed, You can detach a tab from one Firefox window, load it up in a new one and keep the tab loaded up in the old Firefox window. 

Now for those of you who say, "Firefox already does that!" let me set you straight.  Currently, when you left-click on a tab and drag it down and then let go of the left mouse button, it does detach and create a new Firefox window. 

What makes this add-on special is it keeps that same web page loaded in the older Firefox browsing window too, rather than just moving it to the new Firefox window.  This add-on gives you the following options:

  • Duplicate Tab
  • Duplicate Tab to New Window
  • Detach Tab
  • or Merge Windows

You can pick up the Duplicate This Tab add-on from the Firefox Add-ons web site.

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