Just Grab on to Some Foxtail, oo-oo!

Foxtail Theme for Firefox

The new Foxtail theme really looks amazing.  Its modern look and feel that it brings to your browsing is second to none.  Now you can grab it to use on your own Firefox installation.

Maybe it is Disney’s fault, but the name Foxtail reminds me a lot of Duck Tales for some odd reason.  So that brings up the question, what if there was a Firefox theme remake of that classic song?

Life is like a hurricane here in Foxburg
Race cars, lasers, aero planes – it’s a fox blur
You might solve a mystery or rewrite history
Foxtail, Oo-oo
Tales of derring-do, bad and good luck tales, oo-oo
D-d-d-danger, watch behind you – there’s a popup out to find you
What to do? Just grab onto some Foxtail, oo-oo!
Not IE tales or Google Chrome tales but Foxtail, oo-oo!

Makes you wonder why nobody at Mozilla would hire me.  *scratches chin*

You can pick up the Foxtail theme from the Firefox Add-ons web site and make up your own Disney cartoon theme song to go along with it.

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