Making Amazon Shopping Better

Looking to make Amazon a little better?  Look no further, because I have found the perfect Greasemonkey user script for you to use.

Making Amazon Better with Greasemonkey

Better Amazon promises to make your Amazon shopping even better in a number of ways.  If you shop on Amazon a lot, this is a great companion to the browser.

This user script is a must-have for heavy duty shoppers.  It will remove ads, cleans the overall layout of the web page, makes sections collapsible, adds the Amazon average rating to the title, and does a much better job at packing a lot of information onto the screen without the need to keep scrolling down.

Here are the current features, as detailed by the user script author:

  • All features of the (somewhat) popular script ‘Amazon Average Rating’;
  • Make sections collapsible to provide a cleaner environment;
  • User’s preferences of leaving some sections open is remembered;
  • Remove or minimizes ads such as ‘related services in the city’, ‘related external websites’;
  • Remove some fixed sections which are not very useful such as the Feedback section and the navigation footer;
  • Decrease the width of and add gray background to full reviews so they are both easier to read and easier on the eyes.

You can download and install the Better Amazon script for Greasemonkey out at the web site.

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