Save Your Memory and Organize Firefox Tabs

Organize Your Tabs

I can tell you from experience, having too many tabs open can be a real pain.  On occasion though, it is something you have to do, so you might as well find an add-on that will help you navigate through your tabs more effectively.  That is where TooManyTabs comes into play.

This great extension for Firefox can store as many tabs as you like.  How so?  Well, it adds extra tab rows to Firefox.  Rather than wasting your PC’s RAM, you can store your textra tabs in the other rows, remove them from being seen by your PC’s RAM and restore them all qhen you need them again.

This tutorial does a great job at explaining some of the basics of TooManyTabs:

Are you a tab-a-holic?  Then you need to at least give the TooManyTabs add-on for Firefox a shot.  Some of the other features include:

  • Color coded tabs, pinned tabs (like perma-tabs), view tab history, restore recently closed tabs
  • Customizable & multiple rows for tab storage
  • Backup & restore features, tabs can be transferred across machines easily

You can download the TooManyTabs add-on for Firefox on the Firefox Add-ons web site or learn more about it on it’s official web site.

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