fireNotes – Start Page "Fun"ctionality

fireNotes in Action

The fireNotes add-on for Firefox is unique. It allows you to setup your own customized RSS feed  links or embedded pages within the Firefox browsing window.  Think of it as a local alternative to the popular start pages like Netvibes or iGoogle.

I think the overall interface could still use some tweaking, but other than that – the functionality of this Firefox add-on makes it worthy of your time.  You can open fireNotes up at anytime by hitting Ctrl + y or by right clicking and selecting “Show fireNotes” from the context menu.

You, pretty much, create your note, copy in a URL and fireNotes will show you the possibilities.

  • If you want to add a RSS feed, just enter the URL and let fireNotes automatically search for the feed or enter the direct URL to the feed.
  • Whenever you see interesting content on a webpage, just right click on it and send it to fireNotes!

You can pick up fireNotes for Firefox on the Firefox Add-ons web site.

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