Mastering Keyword Searching in Firefox

Firefox - Master of the Search

Firefox makes for an awesome instant search tool for any web site out there that has a search box enabled on it.  When you mix searching in the location bar with keywords for bookmarks, you will find yourself searching at least ten percent faster.  Join me today, as I show you how you too can master keyword searching in Firefox.

To create the smart keyword, follow these steps:

Visit the web page that has the search field on it that you would normally use to search the web site.

Search Box on a Site!

Now, right-click in the search box and select, "Add a Keyword for this Search".

Add a Keyword to the Saved Search

Next, in the keyword text box, type in a keyword that you can quickly type out and remember.  I have used ff as an example to quickly search Firefox Facts. Once you are done, hit the Save button.

Now that your smart keyword is in place, let us try searching with it.  In the location/address bar – type in your keyword and what you are searching for.

Keyword Searching in Action

If all goes well, you should be taken to the search results web page.  This comes in handy to have for web sites you search often, but you can not search via the search box in Firefox itself.

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