Hide the New Google Helpful Search Options

Hide or Show the Left Menu on Google

Google recently changed the way your search results look and feel with a little more navigational help.  If you are not digging the new left hand sidebar on your Google search results, and you want to remove (or just hide) it, I have two great solutions for you to try out.

You should pick up either the Hide/Show Google left-hand menu add-on or the userscript with the same name for Greasemonkey.  Both options will add a toggle button (seen as +left nav in the picture above) so you can quickly gain more screen real estate by turning these extra links on or off.

Personally, I like the new helpful links over there in my Google search results, however it is nice to show or hide them when I need them.  It is all about dynamic customization here.

You can pick up the Firefox add-on on the Firefox Add-ons web site.  If you already have Greasemonkey installed, I would suggest grabbing that version instead over at UserScripts.org.  Either way you go, you’ll be able to toggle this new Google interface feature on or off depending on your own searching needs.

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