Quickly Enlarge Facebook Photo Thumbnails

Photo Zoomer for Facebook

Looking for a quick and easy way to enlarge thumbnails of photos you see on Facebook?  Facebook PhotoZoom will do the trick.  This simple add-on will bring simple photo magnification to your favorite social network.

Once installed, you can use Facebook PhotoZoom to get up and close with that thumbnailed photo you would like to see more of.  Just hover your mouse over the picture in question, and let the Firefox extension do the rest of the work for you.

Where this add-on really shines though is when it comes to looking through a photo album on Facebook.  Here is an example from one of my own:

PhotoZooming my Mustang

Feel free to come follow me on Facebook too, if you like.  You can pick up the Facebook PhotoZoom add-on via the Firefox Add-ons web site. It might be simple, but it does get the job done.

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