Shrink Links Without a Firefox Add-on

Better Firefox Link Shrinking

Needing an extension-less fix for converting long links into short ones?  Now, we all know there are dozens of Firefox add-ons that could do this for you, but do you really need another extension to your browser? Maybe not. 

I got an e-mail from a Firefox Facts reader who asked…

"What way do you suggest is best for link shortening? I don’t want to install another add-on if possible.  Thanks!"

I’ll share with you the way I handle all my link shortening needs.

I would suggest you go sign up for  They are one of the best link shortening services out there today.  They have been around a while, so you know they are not going away (and breaking all your short links) anytime soon.  They also give you tons of statistics for all the links you shorten too.

Search for this link to save on The bookmarklet is the best part about the service.  As you can see in my screenshot above, it opens up a pane on top of the page you are looking at with the text all ready to copy, paste and share.  You can even use it to tweet your short link via Twitter too – if needed.

To grab the bookmarklet, all you need to do is register for, and then drag the bookmarklet to your links toolbar in Firefox.

So there is your quick and easy extension-less fix for an everyday browsing problem.  While I still fully love all the Firefox add-ons and extensions out there, sometimes there is a better or easier way to do things without installing one more addition to the browser.

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