Bring Firefox Home to the iPhone

Firefox Home

Well, we all know we are not going to see Firefox on the iPhone.  Then again, we might get the next best thing with Firefox Home.  Using the technology behind Firefox Sync, this iPhone app with give an Firefox user access to their browser history, bookmarks and tabs from their recent browser session. In other words, you are kind of getting Firefox – but exactly the way you use it in your day to day life now.

Want to see it in action?  Check out this short video tour of the unbranded version:

It it still looks a little rough, do not worry.  Mozilla promises to polish it a ‘bit more before submitting it to the Apple App Store.

Even though I do not have an iPhone, I think this “next best thing” project they have going on here is pretty nice.  You can learn more about Firefox Home and development process on the Mozilla Wiki.

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