Utilize More Browser Screen Space with FlexBar

FlexBar for FirefoxFinding your browsing to be a little cramped? Want some room to stretch your legs or just see more of the web page you might be currently visiting?  FlexBar, a new add-on for Firefox, will give you all the screen space saving tools and resources you need at the touch of a button.

Once FlexBar has been installed, you can very easily configure the visibility of all your menu bars, sidebars, and information bars in Firefox.  You can choose to always show, never show or just hide any toolbar in the Firefox interface too.

Now sure, a lot of what you can do with this extension, you could do by hand – fumbling through the Firefox settings.  The thing FlexBar tries to do right, is it gives you a single location to minimize the Firefox interface.

Here is a little more about the FlexBar add-on, from the developer:

Optionally you can display additional small buttons on left side of the Tab Bar. The navigation buttons offer an identical functionality to the buttons in the Navigation Toolbar. This way a quick page navigation is possible, even when the Navigation Toolbar is hidden. Additionally, there are buttons for quick access to the menu bar and the bookmarks toolbar. This way, even without auto-hide active you can save space by hiding the menu bar and the bookmarks toolbar.

Overall, I like this add-on for Firefox.  Anything that gives me more room to browse and customizes the Firefox interface for me is definitely a good thing.  You can pick up FlexBar on the Firefox Add-ons web site.

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