Personas Plus – Firefox Skin Manager

More Personas, Less Fuss

So, what happened to the Personas add-on for Firefox, now that Personas’s quick skinning abilities are built into the browser?  Well, it has become Personas Plus.  With this add-on installed, you get one-click access to the full Personas experience.  You can quickly change between all the Personas out there and a few more neat things too.

Some of the extra features you get with Personas Plus include:

  • Enjoy instant access to over 35,000 designs
  • Choose favorites and switch designs anytime
  • Create your own design for your computer
  • Access the newest designs and features

The Personas Plus add-on for Firefox also makes testing Personas you are creating yourself much easier too.  You can pick up the Personas Plus add-on over at the Firefox Add-ons web site.

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