Hide the Firefox Titlebar for More Browsing Room

Hide the Titlebar!

Find yourself looking for more browsing room in Firefox?  Well the titlebar for the Firefox window does take up some space – so why not remove it?  The Hide Caption Titlebar Plus is that add-on you need to make this happen.

This add-on for Firefox will basically take away the chrome wrapper of your Firefox browsing window, and squeezes in all the basic tools you might need.  You can still minimize, maximize, resize and close the Firefox window like normal.  There are no borders around the program at all though.  When using it, I thought it felt like Firefox was kind of embedded into my desktop – which is not a bad thing at all.

Here are a few more features of Hide Caption Titlebar Plus:

  • Never: No standard caption for any window, not even popups. (You can get a nice *optional* custom caption bar & borders for dragging.)
  • Smart Popups: FF main window/s with hidden std. captions, but the popups will be detected and will have std. caption & borders.
  • Smart All: Maximized FF window/s will stay with hidden caption, but Restored (un-maximized) ones will get the standard caption!. (Popups always with caption)
  • Always (Firefox default): All windows with standard caption.

Only negative I found with this add-on was you can no longer move Firefox around.  You have to kind of drag and resize the left, and then the right (or vice versa) to get it in the new location.  That is kind of a drag (pun intended).

Want to learn more?  You can go download the Hide Caption Titlebar Plus extension for Firefox from the Firefox Add-ons web site.

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