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Tweak YouTube Have you been searching for something to enhance your YouTube experience?  Maybe you want to download the videos you watch.  Maybe you want to convert videos to MP3s or automatically watch videos in HD.  I have found a Firefox add-on that will let you do that and a lot more in TweakTube.  This is by far the most in-depth “all in one” YouTube extension out there for the Firefox browser.

Once TweakTube has been installed, you can access it from Tools > YouTube – Options in the Firefox menu bar.  Once inside, here are some of the general options you can tweak around with:

  • AutoPagerize – Inserts the next page of results as you are reaching the bottom of the page you are on.
  • BetterTube – Auto-embeds the video file, enlarges it, and provides a link to download the video
  • Colorful Buttons – Makes the Youtube buttons colorful, and adds a few other improvements
  • Enhancer – Download link, quality selector, rollover preview, media controller, resizer, etc.
  • Free Youtube – Plays videos with your local FLV-capable media player (VLC recommended)
  • Middle-click Multi-selected Links – Middle-click on buttons and select multiple videos with ctrl+click
  • Prewatch – Displays a tooltip for YouTube videos with video information and a small player for a preview
  • Serialize Multiple Videos – Play multiple videos (requires “Multi-selected Links”), ctrl+click to select, shift+click to play
  • Simple Flash Blocker – Disables autoplay of videos, so that you need to click them in order for them to play
  • The Movie Dude – Cross-links movie sites so you don’t have to
  • Small Tweaks – Black background for videos, comment dates, related videos are now scrollable, and more
  • Video Downloader – Downloads videos in MP4, FLV, 3GP and MP3 format

When it comes to your watching experience on YouTube, you can tweak things in that aspect too.

  • Better Loopy – Displays a link below YouTube videos to enable/disable auto replay
  • Coralized – Uses Coral Content Distribution Network ( to accelerate video performance
  • YouTraceX – Video history
  • Lights Out – Turn the lights out for easier watching of YouTube videos
  • HD Suite – Shows HD videos by default and shows quality icons on video thumbnails
  • VidzBigger – Automatically scale videos to largest possible size and HQ/HD quality video
  • Random Video Playlist – Pick a user, and this script will automatically watch random videos from that user
  • Resizer – Move the YouTube player to a spot where it has more room, and make it bigger
  • Windows Media Player – Replaces Flash-Player with Media Player
  • Real HD Player – Expands video but not when it should be normal size

If you play with one YouTube add-on this weekend, TweakTube had better be it.  You an also change the overall style of the YouTube pages between eleven different color and background layouts.

This add-on is definitely worth checking out, if you spend a lot of time browsing through videos on YouTube.  You can download TweakTube on the Firefox add-ons website.

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