Bring Full Screen Videos Back to Facebook

Full Screen YouTube on Facebook

How can you add the full screen button to YouTube videos found on Facebook?  This is the question that was brought to my attention Friday by one of my Facebook followers, and after doing a little hunting I did find a solution.

You see, for some unknown reason, either Facebook or YouTube does not want you to watch videos in full screen when on Facebook. Why?  I guess they are afraid it will take you, “out of the Facebook environment, leaving you with a less desirable experience” or at least that is what I would guess the Facebook public relations team would have to say.

So, how do you bring the full screen icon back to YouTube videos featured on Facebook?  Just grab the Greasemonkey add-on for Firefox, then get the user script named Fullscreen Youtube & Vimeo (+others) on Facebook.  Once this script is installed, you will see the full screen icon come back to your online videos you find on Facebook.

The control to watch things full screen (or not) is back to being your choice, and not the choice of the Facebook public relations team.  Thanks to Filipe for the great question!

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