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Sidebar Feed Reader

If you use the built in feed reading capabilities of Firefox, the Live Bookmarks feature, you might be missing the fact that you do not have an organized list of new entries to go through like you would have in a traditional RSS reader.  The Feed Sidebar add-on for Firefox is here to take your Live Bookmarks and display them all in your sidebar.

After you have installed the Feed Sidebar add-on for Firefox, you will gain a new sidebar for feeds in your browser.  This is really intended to be a lightweight extension of the built in RSS capabilities of Firefox.  When you open the sidebar, you will see all the new updates for all the Live Bookmarks you have subscribed to.

Single-clicking on a headline will bring up a little preview of the article in the bottom half of your sidebar, like this:

Feed Sidebar Preview

Double clicking the headline will take you to the page for that item in your main Firefox window.  Once the page has been loaded, it is removed from your list of new headlines you have not checked out yet.

The toolbar buttons across the top of the Feed Sidebar can also:

  • Open All in Tabs
  • Mark All as Read
  • Set maximum age for feed items
  • Stop current update
  • Reload feeds
  • Change update interval (reload button dropdown)

For updates and news, make sure you follow the developer on his own blog found at  Overall, I think this is a great addition to Firefox, and a definite contender for people looking for a lightweight way to keep up with some of the best feeds out there (like the one for Firefox Facts). You can pick up the Feed Sidebar add-on for Firefox at the Firefox Add-ons website.

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