3 Ugliest Firefox Themes

Warning - Ugly Themes Ahead

From time to time, I like to share with you some of the ugliest popular themes I can find for Firefox.  These three themes though might be the cream of the crop when it comes to just plain bad themes.  Then again, I will let you be the judge.  Is beauty in the eye of the beholder – or are these themes just unusable?

Bloodfire 3

BloodFire 3 – This theme is named like a bad horror movie that went straight to DVD.  The black backgrounds, with red fonts and buttons can’t be good for your eyes either, can it?


Flaminglow – What happens when you mix Pepto-Bismol, flamingos and a Firefox theme? You get Flaminglow.  Even the theme’s creator knows he will get hate mail for this one, because he writes on the download page for the theme in question, “Please do not give me a bad review if you find unreadable text”.  I am pretty sure that is a good reason to give you a bad review. The unreadable text is only the beginning however.


Glowywine – Ever wanted to make using a web browser less of an fun experience and, well – more like staying at the sleaziest Las Vegas casino you could find? The funniest thing I could bring up about this theme is it features a review that says, “Highly usable. Easy on the eyes.”  Really? Easy on the eyes?

Leave your thoughts in the comments.  Want to defend one of these themes, or have you found one that looks even worse?

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