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Firefox Home for iPhone The Firefox Home application is now available for both the iPhone or iPod Touch from the Apple Apps store.  Previously we toured and went over some of the fantastic features of this new Mozilla-based browsing tool for your Apple device, but how do you get started with it – and where do you go for help?

Just to recap, the idea of Firefox Home is simple.  It uses the Firefox Sync service to keep your desktop history, bookmarks and open tabs accessible via your iPhone or iPod touch.

How to Setup

First, make sure you have Firefox Sync set up and running via your desktop Firefox installation. Next, go to the App Store on your iPhone or iPod Touch and search for Firefox Home (you can also install Firefox Home via iTunes). Then, all you have to do is launch the application on your iPhone or iPod Touch, enter your Firefox Sync account information and your secret phase.  You are finished.  Now you can take your Firefox browsing history with you, anywhere you go.

iPad Support?

So will we see iPad support soon for Firefox Home?  According to the Firefox Home FAQ page:

Firefox Home 1.0 for the iPhone will work on the iPad, but it is not optimized for the iPad.

So, sounds like it works – but might have to wait till a later version before it works really well.

Firefox Home brings your Firefox history, bookmarks, open tabs and the Awesome bar to your Apple portable products.  Not only are the sync features handy, but overall it is more convenient to browse using this great tool because you avoid having to type and re-type long and painful URLs or spend time trying to find that website you know you have bookmarked in your browser.  Firefox may not be allowed on the iPhone (due to Apple’s multiple browser rule) but Firefox Home is the next best thing.

If anybody has tried it out, please feel free to leave your own experiences in the comments.  Being an iPhone and iPod Touch-less person – I am waiting to see what your experiences are.

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