DSBMarks – Bookmark Pages by Date

DSBM With the DSBMarks extension for Firefox, you can start to store your bookmarks in a different way.  Rather than organizing them by the folders you decide to drop them in – DSBMarks creates a date based hierarchy to sort your new bookmarks for you.

Once you have installed the add-on, it is simple enough to use.  Just click the Bookmark icon in the status bar:

Bookmark by Date Button

Once you do, you get a pop-up message saying that the page has been bookmarked.  As you can see thus far, this is not rocket science.  Next, to find your bookmark, open up your bookmarks sidebar or use the drop down list feature from the menu bar.  When you do, you should see a folder named 2010.  Inside that folder is another folder named 7.  Inside that folder is another folder named 21.  Now, inside of the 21 folder you will find your bookmark.  This is representing the fact that it was bookmarked 7/21/2010.

Now either the best feature, or the biggest drawback (depending on how you look at it) is that it does not take over your current bookmarking system.  If you bookmark a page normally, it will be stored in the default way Firefox handles bookmarks.  It is only stored in this nested by date way when you click the bookmark icon in the status bar.

You can try DSBMarks out for yourself and let me know what you think.  Pick it up at the Firefox Add-ons website.

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