Fake Flash Firefox Update

Security Tip Seems like over the past few days, there has been a new fake Flash update scam going around, trying to scam Firefox users.  It tells users that they have just updated to the “latest version of Firefox” but the hook here is it says you have an out of date version of Adobe and tells you to download it.

Here is what the page looks like (via F-Secure):

Beware of Fake Update Notices

Then, the download box will automatically appear asking you to save the file, “ff-update.exe” or something very similar to it.  If you do that, then you have successfully installed the virus.

It looks like virus and malware authors are targeting Firefox users, as they would bank users – trying to make you feel like your on a safe place with a page that looks like it belongs to Mozilla.

So be safe out there, and make sure to check and double check anytime your dealing with downloads in any browser out there.

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