Reopen Tabs from Last Time

Tab Control in Firefox

Now, most of the time, when I see Firefox asking if I want to save my tabs for the next time Firefox starts, I quickly click through whatever I have to do to turn this extra warning off. However, I was thinking the other day, I wonder how I could toggle this interesting Firefox feature on or off again?

In the Firefox menu toolbar, click Tools and the select Options. Next, under the Startup section you want to check the drop down menu next to where it says, “When Firefox starts:”.

Click the drop down menu, and then select, “Show my Windows and Tabs from Last Time”.  Once you do that, click the OK button at the bottom of the screen and you should be set.  To turn it off, you can just go from the previously mentioned setting to one of the other two.  The other two options are to show your home page or show a blank page.

Want Firefox to ask you if you want this option each time?  If so, go back into the menu toolbar, go to Options and then the Tabs section. You can go in here and check the box for “Warn me when closing multiple tabs”.

There you have it.  Now, for this to work – you will need to make sure your saving your browser history between sessions too.  Hope that helps you either turn back on this feature, or maybe even turn it off as well.

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