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I thought I would start the week off with helping you make Firefox faster.  Now, there are no about:config tweaks or any other “under the hood” changes that need to be made.  Instead, we are going to save time by speeding up repetitive tasks.  FastestFox might be the best add-on for Firefox for getting this done.

You can get faster downloads, see definitions, auto-load the next page, improve your searching and a whole lot more.  FastestFox’s job is to dramatically enhance your productivity.

Here are some of the features in brief:

Wikipedia Sidebar: Here, you get a handy list of “related articles” on the left side of Wikipedia.

Popup Bubble: The popup bubble appears when you highlight some text on a webpage.  It will take you to the Wikipedia page for that word if there is one, and if there is not – then it goes a quick Google search for you.

Enhanced Awesomebar: This feature adds Google search results when you type keywords into the Firefox Awesomebar (otherwise known as the address bar).

Qlauncher: This feature gives you an easy way to visit your favorite webpages.  To start it up, hit Ctrl + Spacebar.  Once it is up, you just hit the corresponding key to launch the webpage you wish to visit.

As you can see, FastestFox gives you a lot of productivity tools all wrapped up in one handy Firefox add-on.  To learn more about FastestFox, be sure to check out  To pick up the FastestFox add-on, visit the Firefox Add-ons website.

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