Opera Claims Tab Candy Originality

Opera = Titanic?

Did you know that Opera already has a Tab Candy-like feature? No? Neither did the anybody else apparently.

Who would have guessed, the Opera browser has yet again jumped on the, “but we did that first!” claims against Firefox.  For those who might have not followed the history between the two browsers – Firefox gained a lot of free press, for having tabs in its browser.  Of course, Opera had done this before – and they made a big stink about the fact that they did it first. Now Opera is at it again, this time saying that they had Tab Candy before Tab Candy was cool. Here is what Haavard Moen from Opera had to say…

There has been a lot of focus on grouping of tabs in browsers lately as a new and wonderful way to manage tabs, but did you know that you have actually been able to group tabs in Opera for many years already?

You can check out more about the debate over at The Register and Haavard’s Opera blog.  My thoughts on the issue are simple.  Opera needs to pay less attention to saying, “hey, we did it first!” and maybe a little more attention to saying, “hey, we did it best”. Right now first doesn’t mean a whole lot, because people will always head towards the better execution of any idea.

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