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Find Compatible Themes and Add-ons

With Firefox 4 being right around the corner, are all of your favorite add-ons and themes going to make the cut?  In my own opinion, I think that the drastic changes in both the backend of Firefox and the visual frontend will lead to a lot broken add-ons and favorite themes.  Hopefully though, this will not be the case once Firefox 4 is ready for the general public at large.

Add-ons Compatible with Firefox 4 – First, lets take a look at the Firefox extensions.  Doing a quick search on Firefox’s Add-ons website I found 1,000 add-ons that claim to be compatible with Firefox 4.0.  That might sound like a lot – and it might cover all the basic bases, but Firefox currently has at least 10 times that amount in all.  So this means that possibly only 1 in ever 10 add-ons might be compatible.

Themes Compatible with Firefox 4 – So, what about Firefox themes?  Currently there are 412 themes for Firefox (or 694 if you count the ones that are un-reviewed). So how many Firefox themes are compatible with Firefox 4 right now? There are 29 themes that are ready for Firefox 4.

How Can I Get Involved?

So, how can you make sure your favorite theme or add-on is compatible with Firefox 4?  The best way would be to visit that theme’s profile on the Firefox Add-ons website – and then either find the official site for the add-on or search for the “E-mail your question” link on the profile page:

Contact the Author

Contact the add-on or theme author and let them know you would like to continue to use their wonderful work once Firefox 4 rolls out.

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