Dark, Cool and Dangerous Firefox Theme

SmallringFX Themes for Firefox

It isn’t that often I get to gush over how awesome a dark theme for Firefox is.  There just are not that many worth getting worked up over.  However, the SmallringFX series of themes are well worth downloading and trying for yourself.

Coming in dark blue and magenta, this theme is about ask dark, cool and collected as a dark theme for Firefox can get.  Sometimes, it might be a little too dark even. The only bad thing I found about this theme is the toolbar tips are even black with white text, so it often comes up looking odd.  Other than that though, I can find no complaints about either of these themes – and highly recommend them both.

Both themes can be picked up on the Firefox Add-ons website from the above links. Also, to learn more about the designer behind the themes, check out smallringfx.com. Can’t wait to see how this theme evolves in the future.

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