Web Notes for Firefox

Web Notes for Firefox

Need some built-in note taking features when it comes to browsing the web?  The Web Notes add-on for Firefox might be the extension that makes your day.  This simple add-on features a floating window that can be placed anywhere on the screen for your note taking needs.

Here are a few more features of this handy browser extension:

  • You can right click a tab for options.
  • Saving notes is automatic.
  • Anytime you change a default note it will be saved for that web site.
  • You can directly access a web site that has a saved note by left clicking the site in the Sites menu item in the Options menu. If you right click the site you can edit the site’s name.
  • The Web Notes window may be minimized or restored by clicking on the Web Notes menu item in the Tools dropdown or, if you have installed it, the Web Notes toolbar button image. The minimized window can also be restored by resizing it.
  • If you move the minimized note to a convenient location, it will stay there and be remembered the next time you open Web Notes.The minimized Web Notes window will automatically be restored for web sites that have a Web Notes’ note. Those that do not will have a minimized Web Notes window. This behavior (auto min/restore) can be turned off and on in the Options menu. This setting will also be remembered the next time you open Web Notes.

Now, while it might not yet substitute my current Notetab Std being open 24/7 for my note taking needs, it is a good start.  It has many more features than one would think, and you really have to try it out to see if it is right for you or not.  Anything that helps organize wins my vote, so go give Web Notes a shot.  You can download Web Notes over at the Firefox Add-ons website.

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