Edit Form History in Firefox

Edit Form History

Ever needed to search through, correct or delete the entries that are saved to the form history inside of Firefox?  With Firefox alone, this can not be done. If you download the add-on Form History Control – then you will be optimizing your saved form history in no time at all.

If you don’t clear your browser’s recent history religiously, you might have noticed that you have several entries to choose from when you start to type inside of a text form.

Search Form History

The Form History Control add-on for Firefox gives you the ability to do all kinds of neat things with this information.  You can sort the list of form history.  You can filter (by selecting one of the filters) to slim down the list of forms you are checking into.  You can edit past phrases that have been saved, to correct them for spelling or grammar too.  The best tool included with Form History Control might be the cleanup option.  This will automate the removal of form history.

The history of specific form fields can easily be managed by right clicking in the form you wish to manage.  You can then select to delete the complete history for that specific form, delete the current value you have selected or go in and manage the entries for this one form.

You can pick up the Form History Control add-on from the Firefox Add-ons website.

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