6 Popular Support Tweaks and Tips

Best Firefox Support Articles

After checking over some of my statistics in Google Analytics, I figured it might be interesting to share with you some of the support articles that people come to check out here on Firefox Facts most often.  Here are the 6 most popular support related tweaks and tips for Firefox.

Firefox Backup Help

How to Backup Firefox Bookmarks

Backing up your bookmarks is one of those chores you have on your to-do list but never get around to it.  Then when they are lost, you say – I wish I would have.  Here are a few Firefox bookmark backup techniques to help you out.

Firefox Profile Folder Help

Where is my Firefox Profile Folder?

This is a question we get time and time again, so I thought I would post the full listing for where your profile folder is for Mozilla Firefox based on your operating system of choice.

Awesome Bar Search Tips

Search from the Address Bar in Firefox

The other day, when we were talking about bringing Chrome features into Firefox, the topic “searching from the address bar” was mentioned.  By default, when you type a word into the address bar by itself, it gives you Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” number one result.

Run Box Launch Tabs

Launch Tabs from Run Box

In need of a quicker way to launch Firefox with a series of tabs? You can quickly do so in Windows by clicking on the start button, then go to run (or just hit Win+R) and type in.

More Run Box Tips

More Command Line Firefox Tips

After yesterday’s post about launching tabs from the run box I thought I would share with you some other command line Firefox tips worth getting familiar with.

Private Browsing Mode Guide

Firefox Private Browsing Mode Help and FAQ

Want to increase your privacy on your PC?  With the release of Firefox 3.5, our favorite browser now has a Private Browsing mode.  Usually your browser remembers the web sites you have visited, your user names and passwords, your browsing history and more.  However, with this newest addition to the Firefox 3.5 feature list, you can now go incognito on the Internet.

I am sure that with Firefox 4 being right around the corner, many of these will be changing in the near future.  Have any other support related topics you’d like to see me cover in detail here? Let me know in the comments – and I’d be happy to help get you at least pointed in the right direction.

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One Response to 6 Popular Support Tweaks and Tips

  1. wymetto Oct/02 at 9:43 am #

    Thanks for the tip. Firefox has definitely taken over IE. I like the privacy browsing because of the way so much information is gathered it’s incredible.