How to Disable Adblock Plus on Domains You Trust

Show Support by Enabling Ads

Adblock Plus is a terrific add-on for Firefox that does an excellent job at blocking advertisements on websites.  In the past, I’ve even interviewed the developer of the script, and I would say this is a must-have extension for Firefox too. While protecting yourself from malware ads is a good thing that Adblock Plus does very well, what should you do about websites you wish to support?  Today, I’ll share with you the steps to take if you want to whitelist advertisements on one website, while still blocking ads on other websites.

Turning off Adblock Plus for a few good websites you want to support is easy. Here is how it is done:

Disable Adblock Plus in the Status Bar for a Domain

If Adblock Plus is inside your status bar, all you need to do is right-click on the AdBlock Plus icon, and select "disable on" where is the website you are currently browsing.

Disable Ad Blocking in Status Bar

Once you have done that, then you will be able to see ads on that specific website again. 

Disable Adblock Plus in the Menu Toolbar for a Domain

If you have AdBlock Plus installed in the Firefox navigation toolbar, just left-click on the down arrow next to the Adblock Plus logo, then select "Disable on".  Taking these steps will disable ad blocking on the website you are looking at.

Disable Adblock Plus in Menu

Why Should You Whitelist Ads on Specific Websites?

Now, I know I might be opening myself up to the argument of pro-ads versus anti-ads, and some might even claim I am trying to control the way you browse.  I am not.  I am just letting you know a way to customize your Adblock Plus usage to meet your own needs. For many independent authors though, a few website ads is how they support their projects – so by seeing or clicking on the occasional ad, you can give something back.  At least, that is how it is suppose to work.

My question for you is, do you block all ads, don’t mess with ad blocking, or do you filter in ads from websites you want to show support for?

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4 Responses to How to Disable Adblock Plus on Domains You Trust

  1. chromestory Sep/30 at 6:59 am #

    looks good :)

    • Mitch Sep/30 at 7:52 am #

      Ha, thanks – that is an interesting resource you have there yourself at Will definitely be keeping an eye on it. :)

  2. Dwight Stegall Oct/01 at 4:45 am #

    I have been on the web since 1996 and have never blocked ads before. I like having some of them on the page to brighten up the page. Text only pages are rather drab and depressing. But recently I installed Adblock Plus because of the following article.

    Now I use it for that and also to get rid of flashing, in your face, ads that distract me while I’m watching videos. It also gets rid of some ads inside videos.

  3. chromestory Oct/05 at 9:41 am #

    thank you Mitch !!! :D I was inspired by ur blog btw :D