Xmarks Pledge Campaign

Xmarks Pledge Campaign

Xmarks may live? For those of you who were sad to see Xmarks close up shop, there might be one last thing you can do to try to save it.  Xmarks has launched a pledge campaign to stay alive.  So, what must you do?  If you want to show your support, all they are asking is for you to pledge $10 to $20.  This is not an actual donation, but instead is a vote of confidence saying that, "Yeah, I’d pay for Xmarks".

If 100,000 people express interest in seeing Xmarks stay alive, then Xmarks might get a second chance.  It is a pretty large goal to meet – however I do have to wish Xmarks the best of luck in chasing this new business model, and I do hope they are successful.

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3 Responses to Xmarks Pledge Campaign

  1. buzmeg Oct/01 at 8:21 am #

    Asking the public for a $million to $2million to stay in business. Sound familiar; like a government bailout.

    Have they tried talking to Obama?

    • Samuel Baker Oct/08 at 6:12 pm #

      This isn’t a place to complain about the government, do that at work, or something.

      I’ve pledged :)

  2. Pe Im Oct/07 at 11:01 am #

    Does it mean that there is no acceptable alternative to this add-on?
    Surely there must be others?