Ten Terrific Tab Tweaking Tips

Best Firefox Tab Tips

Tabs are a feature in Firefox we all take for granted some times.  It has become so normal for us to uses them, they just don’t seem that exciting anymore.  Well, if you feel like your tab bar has lost some of it’s specialness – be sure to check out these ten terrific tab tweaking tips.

Close Tab With Two Right Clicks

Rather than hunting down the X to close your current tab, what if all you had to do was wish upon a star, and then right click anywhere on the tab you wish to shut down?  I will let you know how to get that done, without the need of the “wishing upon a star”.

Tab Counter

Who doesn’t want a Firefox add-on that counts the number of tabs that are open? Tab Counter is the name, and counting tabs is its game.

How to Duplicate a Tab

Need to duplicate a tab in Firefox, so you can have the same content loaded up in two Firefox windows?  Not sure, you could just copy and paste the URL into both browsers – but who has the time?  I have an easier solution to fix this problem.

Save Your Memory and Organize Firefox Tabs

I can tell you from experience, having too many tabs open can be a real pain.  On occasion though, it is something you have to do, so you might as well find an add-on that will help you navigate through your tabs more effectively.  That is where TooManyTabs comes into play.

Tile Your Firefox Tabs in the Browser

We are all looking for ways to get more done in the browser visually, and at times I would like to look at two tabs at the same time.  Looking for a way to tile my tabs, I found a great add-on that does the job really well.  The Tile Tabs add-on for Firefox does […]

Close All Tabs in Firefox

Sometimes we all go a little tab-happy when it comes to our Internet browsing ways.  You might be browsing around, one lazy Friday afternoon, and before you know it – you have twenty open tabs and then decide, "hey, maybe I should get back to work!".  Well, have no fear, because I can get all […]

Tab Utilities

Looking for a Firefox tab extension that does a little ‘bit of everything?  Look no further than Tab Utilities. This add-on for Firefox really is your proverbial utility knife when it comes to controlling, editing or optimizing your browser tabs for better performance.

Firefox Tabs on Top

Tired of seeing your tabs under your navigation or bookmark toolbars? Maybe you just want to see how Firefox would look with tabs on the top?  With the Firefox extension, Tabs on Top – you can easily move your browser tabs to the top of the screen.

Tab Rotator

Have the need to rotate your tabs?  No, I do not mean to turn them upside down. Tab Rotator, an add-on for Firefox, will automatically switch between the open tabs in your browser after a certain amount of time.

Just Put It On My Bar Tab

When you load up a dozen or more tabs all at once, Firefox can slow down to a crawl.  Now, you can either choose to stop overwhelming Firefox with too many tabs or you can grab this helpful add-on for Firefox that will only load up the tab you need at the time, with multiple […]

Have another tab tweak you’d like to share? Leave it in the comments!

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6 Responses to Ten Terrific Tab Tweaking Tips

  1. Bryan Price Oct/07 at 12:36 am #

    Middle clicking on the tab title isn’t easy enough? I guess if you only have a two button (or one button in the case of an Apple) mouse,

    • Mitch Oct/07 at 8:58 am #

      Well, to tell you the truth – I often forget that my scroll wheel is a button too. Feels odd to click it. :)

    • Bryan Price Oct/07 at 6:48 pm #

      If I didn’t have a scroll wheel and an easy way to middle click (opening up links in new tabs, without taking me off the page, besides closing tabs), I’d probably be committing suicide.

  2. Manas Shah Oct/08 at 6:10 am #

    hi! I just read this post and thought to tell you that instead of sing these many add-ons ,,
    “TAB MIX PLUS” is a great option.. It includes almost all of these features…..

    HOpe It will help !!

    • Bryan Price Oct/08 at 1:25 pm #

      That too. :) Although with 4.0 peeking it’s head out soon, I’m still awaiting the beta that works on it.

  3. PCPROAZ Oct/10 at 12:13 pm #

    BarTab, Colorful Tabs, Ctrl-Tab, Firefox Showcase and TabMixPlus are my favorites that I’ve accumulated over the years. Showcase and Ctrl-Tab do the same thing except one can do it by keyboard and one by mouse (I switch between these two to reduce strain on my hands)

    TabMixPlus is my fave because I can double click on tabs to close and hover over them for a sec to view them. There are countless customizations you can do with TabMixPlus

    BarTab really good also if you have a lot of tabs open a lot, it keeps them from hogging your memory.The others are self-explanatory, but also very appealing/useful. :0)