Colorful Firefox Tabs

Colorful Firefox Tabs

Need help distinguishing which tab is which in Firefox? OK, maybe telling where one tab ends and another begins really is not that hard.  However, it would help if each tab was colored.  ColorfulTabs, one of my favorite add-ons for the Firefox browser – does that with style. 

Once installed, your tabs are automatically transformed from bland vanilla tabs to colorful and easily distinguishable tabs.  The colors really don’t interrupt the overall look and feel of the Firefox navigation experience either.  Some of the features included are:

  • Beautiful colors — We promise you’ll fall in love with these colors.
  • Unique Hues — Unique hues help you easily differentiate between various tabs and intuitively remember each tab. It’s surprising to realize how it just works.
  • Coloring by site domain — Color each tab depending on its server/domain for identifying the website. You can tell which site is in which tab by just looking at the colors.
  • Custom tab color — And just incase you prefer to tag the tabs with a custom color feel free to give your tabs a color of your choice right from the context menu of the tab.
  • Generate colors on demand — This mode allows you to color only the tabs you want colored. The rest start the default shade.
  • Enhanced tab highlighting — While we are theming the tabs how about some transparency effects? Fade the background tabs to as much as you want to highlight the currently selected tab. Let’s go a step further — place a beautiful background-pattern on the tab-strip for an enhanced effect.

I few years ago, I even got the chance to speak with the author of this fantastic extension.  You can check out that interview here:

A Chat with the Man Who Makes Your Tabs Colorful

You can pick up the ColorfulTabs add-on for both Firefox 3.6 and Firefox 4 from

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One Response to Colorful Firefox Tabs

  1. dan Oct/19 at 4:34 am #

    try fabtab, it’s better

    it chooses the tab color according to the most used color on the particular webpage