Tweak Facebook

Tweak how Facebook works

Facebook is a tool that some of us use everyday, so we might as well make it look the way we want and add new abilities that we really need, right? FaceTweak is an add-on for Firefox that promises to be the Ultimate Facebook Enhancer.  With it, you can add tons of tweaks to the Facebook interface and engine to get more out of this social networking tool.

Once installed, you will see that you have many more options available for tweaking Facebook to suit your needs.  These are mainly broken down into backend fixes, that make certain Facebook features better and ascetic changes, that make Facebook look different.

Here are the main features FaceTweak has to offer:

  • AutoLogin – Auto-login to Facebook (assuming Firefox is set to remember your password)
  • Chat Emoticons – Adds smileys to the side of Facebook, clicking on one adds to your message
  • Replace Smileys – Replace text smileys as graphics (graphics are original from
  • Fixed Header – Makes the Facebook navigation menu remain ‘fixed’ to the top of the screen
  • Fixer – Bigger photos, better albums, download videos, show age, Google Calendar integration, etc.

Here are some of the new social options you have available:

  • Auto Confirm Friend Requests – Automatically accept all friend requests
  • Autopoke – Automatically pokes back pokers listed on your home page
  • Deletes – Bulk delete friends
  • Ignore All Requests – Denies all Facebook requests on button click
  • Invites – Invites your friends to the app if they’ve already allowed the app access
  • Highlight Birthdays – Highlights today’s birthdays on your home page
  • Games Quick Invite – Adds quick invite links to various games (needs ‘Invites’ option enabled)
  • Poke All – Adds ‘Poke All’ and ‘Poke Selected’ buttons above the pokes on user homepages
  • Reply Button – Adds a reply button to comments
  • Select All Friends – Select all friends at once instead of having to do so one by one

But wait, that’s not all – you also have tons of media options to play with too:

  • inYOf4ceBook – Larger versions of thumbnails and profile pictures on mouse-over
  • Video – Adds links to download or convert videos with, and provides embedded code
  • View All Photos – Places link to view all photos of a user
  • View Photo in Album – View all photos of a user or an album

And on top of all of this greatness, you get over 20 new skins for Facebook, so you can change how the website looks and feels. You can pick up FaceTweak from the Firefox Add-ons website or learn more about the development of this neat tool at

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