Copy Fixer


Simple add-ons that do their job, and do it well always make me happy.  The add-on Copy Fixer is no exception to this rule.  With this add-on installed in Firefox, you can make copying and pasting webpages you are visiting really easy.

This one simple and tiny add-on simply gives you one more fantastic keyboard shortcut action.  Once installed, you can hit Ctrl + C (or Command + C) to copy the webpage title and the URL when you have nothing selected. 

Now some of you might ask, "What about the regular copy action?".  This add-on leaves that in place, so you have nothing to worry about.  Copy Fixer does nothing when you are copying and pasting text or other elements on a webpage.  It only takes action when nothing else is selected.

It is simple, but still very effective.  You can pick up the Copy Fixer add-on for Firefox at the Firefox Add-ons website.

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