Optimized Firefox for Linux?

firefox optimized for linux

A few days ago I introduced you to a version of Firefox that was optimized for Windows users.  Today, I have something a little different.  Swiftfox is another optimized build of the Firefox browser,  but this time it is for Linux users to enjoy.

Built from the most cutting edge Firefox source code available, Swiftfox has builds for both AMD and Intel processors. Here is a little ‘bit more about the browser from the developers:

There is now an installer available that is distro independent. It is a script that downloads and installs Swiftfox in the /opt directory and attempts to use existing Firefox plugins. The installer is probably the best way for most users to install Swiftfox. If your distro is Debian based you will want to install using the deb files as the apt repository will provide automatic updating. More info is available at the deb file page.

You should also be able to use all of your old favorite Firefox plugins, with no additional configurations needed.  I think this is a fantastic alternative to your basic Firefox browser, and if you are a Linux user – you should definitely check it out.

You can learn more about Swiftfox over at getswiftfox.com.

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