Live Bookmarks 101

How to Use Live Bookmarks

Although the feature might not get as much love as others, the Live Bookmarks function of Firefox is one to be admired. Live Bookmarks can deliver you the most recent updates to you from any website, right in Firefox.  This is done through the magic of RSS (really simple syndication) and the Firefox browser.  So how can you set up a Live Bookmark and what exactly are they good for?  Let me walk you through the process.

Find the RSS Feed

First, you need to visit a website that has an RSS feed.  Lets use Firefox Facts as our example, because I can always use a few more subscribers.  Click the orange RSS icon, next to the star in the address toolbar.

Click the RSS Icon

Subscribe Using the Live Bookmarks Function

Next, you will find yourself on the default RSS page in Firefox. Firefox uses it’s own styling for this page, because if they didn’t – it would just look like a jumbled mess of XML code to most people. On the drop down menu (next to “Subscribe to this feed using”) I want you to select Live Bookmark.

Choose Live Bookmarks

Save Your New Live Bookmark

Firefox will ask you where you want to save the new Live Bookmark and what do you want to call it.  We will just stick it on the Bookmarks Toolbar for now.  This can be moved around like any other bookmark in Firefox, so not too worried about messing this up. Hit the button labeled “Subscribe” to continue.

Save Your New Live Bookmark

Using Your New Live Bookmark

There you have it.  Your Live Bookmark has been created.  The idea here is to give you all the recent posts from an RSS feed so that you can easily browse recent articles all from one simple bookmark.  Let us look at the Live Bookmark we just created.

Live Bookmark in Action

When you click on it, it will show you the ten most recent posts from Firefox Facts, will let you visit the Firefox Facts website directly or will give you the option to open all these recent posts in new tabs.

So there you have it – this is how and why you might want to use the Live Bookmark feature from within Firefox.

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