How to Install Firefox 4 on a Thumb Drive

Install Firefox 4 on Thumb Drive

Everybody seems to be raving about how great Firefox 4 will be, but have you seen it yet? By installing a portable version of Firefox 4 on a USB thumb drive, you too can test it out and see if you like this latest innovation from Mozilla.

Here is a step by step guide on how to install Firefox 4 on a USB thumb drive.

Watch the simple installation process right here:

Installing the portable version of Firefox 4 is a pretty simple thing to do.  Before we get started, you will need:

Once you have those, you are ready to get started.

  1. Plug in your USB thumb drive.
  2. Locate where you downloaded the latest version of Firefox 4 from the Portable Apps website. The file should be called something like FirefoxPortableTest_4.0_otherstuff.exe.
  3. Double-click the .exe to start the install.  On the second install screen, where it says “Choose Install Location” make sure you hit the “Browse” button and navigate to your USB thumb drive.
  4. Hit the button labeled, “Install”.
  5. On the next screen, Firefox 4 will install on your thumb drive.  One finished, go ahead and hit the button labeled, “Finish” and you are done.

To use your new Firefox 4 on the USB thumb drive, open the thumb drive up on your PC, then go to:


As I learned when recording my video tutorial, you can’t run your local version of Firefox and the Firefox 4 portable version at the same time. So make sure your local PC install of Firefox is closed out, then double-click on the FirefoxPortable.exe and look around at what Firefox 4 has to offer you.

I hope this helps some of you out who are a little nervous about doing new Firefox installs on other devices, but still want to see what the next version of Firefox will look like.

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5 Responses to How to Install Firefox 4 on a Thumb Drive

  1. Godai71 Nov/04 at 11:14 am #

    It is possible to run both firefox version at the same time.

    Find the file named FirefoxPortable.ini in the subfolder [..]\portableFirefox\Other\Source,
    copy it to main [..]\portableFirefox, open with a text editor and set AllowMultipleInstances to true

    • Bryan Price Nov/04 at 10:08 pm #

      What Godai71 said.

      I run 3.6.12 installed, 3.6.12 portable (synced to a thumb drive), and 4.0beta, all at once that way. It’s a beautiful thing.

    • Mitch Nov/05 at 7:17 am #

      Thanks for that tip! :)

  2. DBob Nov/06 at 11:02 am #

    Hi Mitch and Others,

    Great info and responses, as usual.

    I’d like to install portableapps: firefox and
    only a few of the other programs included in the package.
    How do I make sure that I only download, to my usb, the programs I want?

    Also,what is 4.0beta?


    • Mitch Nov/08 at 10:37 am #

      I think you have the option to install only the programs you select during the install process. This might not get you the Firefox 4 beta (the beta version of the next version of Firefox). To get that, make sure you go to the link mentioned in the story above. Thanks!